Online Optimization & Presence Score (OOPS)

What’s all the buzz with OOPS?

OOPS, put simply, is a business’ Online Optimization & Presence Score. 1stMaps provides this tool to use as a process of analyzing your Internet “footprint” and providing a reverse transgression analysis of your website and social media impact. OOPS is about optimizing and monitoring content across your entire web presence, including your website, social media accounts, blogs, directory listings, etc. – to improve your organic ranking in the search engines. It’s about dominating ALL search starting points so people can find your business during all phases of their online research. OOPS is an important strategy for ensuring that keywords in any content related to your business is positive and tends to drive potential customers to your website and purchase your products and services.

A business that wants to stay competitive and engage their customers must know their OOPS! 

    • Learn how your social presence is rated online 
    • Get the edge on your competition 
    • Quickly identify deficiencies in your social media channels
    • Improve your online ranking on search engines
    • Re-Engage your current customer base and grow your brand
    • There’s no obligation to obtain your FREE OOPS 



 – We understand that in order to keep your business successful and profitable both offline and online, things are going to fall through the cracks.   1st MAPs has the expertise and know-how to help improve your Online “Footprint” and Bottom Line!

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